Guillochage is to bring this “great plus” to a creation by passing through the world of the “infinitely small” to (re)give a particular sparkle to each piece created or reworked.

Engine-turning is the satisfaction of making a piece, a decoration, an object to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter, each movement being born in the personality and mood of the engine-turner, making it unique in the world.

What is unique in guillochage is the input of the human gesture, working and transforming a material, giving it life through light reflections.

What is guillochage?

The Guilloche it is mechanical and geometrical engraving technique that allows to decorate a surface with reflections called guillochis. Hand guilloche is performed either on a rose engine or on a straight line engine, or even through the combination of the two machines

Through Centuries

Guilloche is a very old technique of "manual intaglio engraving" which appeared in the 16th century

This complicated technique has been well-kept secret since the 16th century and requires not only great concentration, precise gesture and regularity in the movement of the chisel, but also a creative character coming from the person using it.

We are of course talking about Hand Guilloche, pure craftsmanship that is still being courted by the major watchmaking houses for the production of dials, cases or special parts used in the production of prestige watches.