Van Bricht
" Open Dial , Open Mind "


Watchmaking’ Startup of the 21st century, born from the audacity of two young passionate watchmakers motivated to create a new vision of contemporary watchmaking.

The human aspect present in our creations accentuates the respect for Haute Horlogerie. The unexpected association of old know-how with watchmaking precision mechanics ensures an innovative result where we find the ancestral values of a high-flying craft.

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The « Old Mind » Model

The name of the first model produced with only 25 pieces called "Old Mind" was chosen to promote our vision of the future of fine watchmaking combined with Métiers Rares such as hand guillochage, hand chamfered, monochrome aspect, engraving etc.). The “Old Mind” symbolizes the permanent connection with the roots of a traditional past, which Van Bricht has decided to honour in this first realization.

Pure and original line: the goal is to achieve a monochrome rendering. The complexity of the tourbillon combined with precise know-how gives it a remarkable visibility.

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Van Bricht's mission and values

to produce a timepiece that represents you timelessly down to
the smallest detail, in a limited edition or as a unique piece.

Precision, rigour, quality and concern for a job well-done through a powerful know-how.

How to reach us

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